Calvary is a community that is committed to assisting you and your family in coming to know and grow in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Our environment offers an atmosphere where you can experience the living God. You matter to us because you matter to God.

Current News

OFFERING OF PRAISE & THANKSGIVING: The women of Calvary ask everyone to Praise and Thank God by sharing their blessings today at our ThankOffering Service. We are still in need of food items to help supplement the Thanksgiving boxes we put together at the potluck. This will help to accommodate the needs of larger families. The CLCW will also collect a special offering to purchase meat certificates for these boxes; with the balance of what is received to be shared with Neighbors in Need and Evergreen Community Meals. Please consider contributing to these wonderful ministries! If you know of families in our congregation or community in need of a food box, please let us know today!

THANKSGIVING EVE WORSHIP:  A quiet, reflective worship time is planned at 6:30 Thanksgiving Eve (this coming Wednesday!!). Thanksgiving is one of the most spiritually significant celebrations of our nation’s history. So, before the hubbub of Thanksgiving Day, we’ll take time to come together as a community, giving thanks to God and reminding ourselves of the rich history of this holiday. The meditation will be given by Ken Peterson.

EVELYN BLAIR is in need of someone to install carpet on her back porch steps. Please call her at 756-9531. Your help is much appreciated!

CALVARY’S NOMINGATING TEAM is in the process of filling positions of ministry at Calvary.  Keep them in your prayers and those God would raise to serve him. Please consider if there is an area God is calling you to serve.

SNOWPLOWING FOR CALVARY’S PARKING LOT: We do have someone that will keep Calvary’s parking lot snowplowed this winter, but he is gone through Nov. 30th; and also 1 week in either January or February 2015 (dates not yet confirmed). We are looking for someone to be a back-up during the times he is unavailable. Please let the church office know if you know of someone!

ANNUAL REPORTS from chairpersons & leaders of ministry are due Dec. 15th. (Pastor, Council President, Worship, Property & Management, Calvary’s Closet, Sunday school, Preschool, HeBrews, CLCW, Mission Endowment Fund, Evergreen Community Meals & ‘EnCourage’ Youth)  These reports are a great opportunity to share what God has been doing at Calvary in 2014!

CALVARY’S CLOSET: We are in need of infant to youth size clothing; and also men’s clothing – all sizes. If you have any clothing items you could donate or know of someone who does, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

CHURCH DIRECTORY: We are beginning the annual process of updating our membership directory. Please notify the church office (752-4102) if you have ADDRESS AND/OR PHONE CHANGES, if you are an attender & would like to be listed in the church directory and/or be part of a Service Team. Also, regarding mail boxes in the Welcome Area, if you do not have one & would like one please let the office know.

UPDATE FOR QUILTING!! We will meet at 9 a.m. the 2nd Thursday of December (11th)! Please join us in tying knots!

Often the only physical memories for many parents suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage or extreme prematurity are mementos given by hospital staff. Hope Pregnancy Ministries is searching for volunteers to craft special wooden or hand-painted keepsake boxes for families (approximately shoebox size). Very small handmade clothes, blankets, hats & booties are also requested. Thank you for helping to provide comfort for hurting families. Contact Ladawna for specific measurements as most babies weigh less than a pound. ladawnawlkr@yahoo.com or 871-5710.


Calvary’s Vision

We exist to gather Together for worship and fellowship, to be Transformed by God’s Spirit through discipleship and service, so we can Tell others about Jesus.